Newly established, and newly remodeled, Mountain Mama's Cafe & Coffee House opened its doors in 2017. Our mission is to create fresh, wholesome foods by bringing mother nature to your plate. We use all ingredients in their natural form and bake all meats, eggs, and breads in house.

We proudly offer our locals and visitors a full service Starbucks coffee bar as well as local homemade food.


We take great pride in using our locally sourced wild game meats and produce that we use to craft our piping hot, fresh breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches and bratwurst!

Stop by to sample and indulge in dishes you won't get anywhere else - 


Shop our unique one of a kind gifts from local crafters and artists! All shirts, signs, gifts, jewlery, paintings, photos and souvenirs are made locally in montana and across the good ole' USA!

We proudly only use fresh meats and cheeses for breakfast sandwiches, such as locally-grown bacon, sausage, ham, turkey, chicken, and egg.  Enjoy our freshly made bagels & hand crafted, made in house cream cheese smears.


GOING INTO THE PARK AND NEED A FRESH WHOLESOME LUNCH? Don't worry....... we've got you covered...

You can quickly grab one of our freshly pre-made Grab & Go lunch boxes or you can order a customizable lunch box by having it made to order with everything your heart desires..  

Bring your laptop, tablet or phone and unwind, we also offer free Wifi!

We appreciate your time and want to help make your trip to Yellowstone unforgettable from the inside out!
Safe Travels! We will see you at Mountain Mama's!


Kim Howell

Business Owner

Mountain Mama's Coffee House & Bakery
17 Madison Avenue

West Yellowstone, Montana
(406) 641-0089

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